VXGaming — What does the Play-to-Earn ecosystem lack?

Searching conscientiously for value to add to the web3 Gaming ecosystem, we have found a need to have a platform that introduces a simple Buy-In (BI) structure, Ranking benefits, and Gaming Pools (GP) due to the current offering being mainly on Tournaments.

Gaming Pools are a unique game mode that presents the Gamers with an opportunity to play an instant match. This game mode allows players to have gaming sessions according to their daily availability (hours) and, as previously said, instant matches.

We also believe that a Ranking based mechanism allows players to benefit from the match discounts and incentives VXG will provide through their gaming campaigns, liquidity campaigns, bug bounty, community incentives, and more to be added. VXG Ranking defines the player discount percentage and access to beta features such as the Marketplace, Arena, PAT, etc.

How does a Gaming Pool work?

As said, Gaming Pools are unique. When Players join GPx, they do not play against Players from GPy. Also, Gaming Pools might have the same Buy-In, but if the Game selected has more than one variant, more than one GP with the same BI will be live.


Stakes— Micro
BI ($) — 1 USDC
Variant — Blitz 5+3
Fee — 10%

Stakes — Micro
BI ($) — 1 USDC
Variant — Rapid 10+0
Fee — 10%

Players join Gaming Pools looking for instant matches. VXG verifies if Players have their VXG account linked to the Game Provider (Lichess) and funds deposited into the pool. If both successful VXG executes the matchmaking, Players can now play against their opponent. At the end of the match, VXG verifies the match result and calculates the rewards.

What are the Buy-ins and Rankings?

VXG split Buy-Ins into five categories: Micro, Small, Low, Medium, and High. Each category contains a range of Buy-ins:

The VXG Rankings are measured by the number of VXG tokens an address holds. Rankings are the following Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite. Players who have the highest Ranking benefit from higher discounts within the platform. Other benefits will be added and shared with the community.


In sum, we believe that Venture X Gaming is a full-fledged ecosystem project with a clear vision of the future, in which skill monetization will play a key role.

The exponential release of P2E games that we have seen in the past months might be the beginning of a change in the Gaming/eSports industry that will eventually see better monetization and financial profits for all the players, investors, and community.

The Blockchain and Gaming industry has seen rapid growth, and to turn potential interest into actual long-term success, there need to be fundamental elements in place. Venture X Gaming has taken this into account with an experienced and strong team behind the wheel.

The combination of Gaming Pools, Rankings, and a BI structure offers the Gaming / eSports community an introduction to skill monetization. Web3 allows VXG to remove all the financial barriers, and Chess is just an example of a 100% skill game that does not offer a proper revenue structure to its players, as said by Hikamura on Doug Polk’s Youtube channel.

We release weekly updates about the project to keep the community in the loop and expect a launch date to be released soon.

Thank you All,


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Breaking the Esports typical route.

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Breaking the Esports typical route.

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