🎮How web3 Esports & P2E can improve with a Gaming Hub🎮

Venture X Gaming

The safety of the users in web3 environments has a problem, and it’s not just the hackers. Everyone thinks they can do a good enough job building products, but in reality, a good enough job is a cause of the lack of security and leads to permanent losses to end users.

Good enough, spell trouble, especially as this mindset creeps into the products out there. Build with a focus on security, experience, and easiness.

New ideas drive the world forward. They also come with risks to companies, but innovation-driven businesses lead to disruptive concepts bringing new use cases to upgrade or improve the earlier models.

🎮Improve P2E & Innovate Esports in web3

Venture X Gaming is an online gaming ecosystem where people go to compete in their favorite games, leverage their audience by playing directly with them, and create games for people to play, earn and stream.

It can provide access to reliable games to billions of people generating earnings for developers, content creators, and players.

ℹ️ Helping game developers deploy in a sustainable economy

We will allow game developers to deploy games seamlessly, supporting the ecosystem and rewarding the creator accordingly.

ℹ️ Enabling consumer choice

VXG helps make it possible to have a free and open P2E platform. Unlike others, we don’t charge high operating fees, giving all the parties involved the flexibility to select a risk tolerance and allowing consumers to choose more than 20 buy-in options.

ℹ️ Safely connect people with verified Games

The VXG ecosystem makes it easy to discover high-quality games. We will help keep consumers safe by building protections into VXG and requiring developers to follow high safety standards.

VXG only charges a service fee for monetization matches. Freerolls and friendly games do not have a cost.

With VXG, Game Developers, Content Creators, or players can earn a percentage of the match fees. There isn’t a single service fee to integrate games since developers operate in different industries that require different levels of support to build quality games.

🏆VXG Achievements

✔️Reliable business model that ensures sustainability

✔️Lichess integration

✔️️Gaming Pools️

✔️UI/UX Continuous Improvement

✔️Over 1500 matches in Mumbai Testnet

✔️User Profiles

✔️VXG Referral Codes

✔️️Monthly Campaigns

🔍What is yet to come

📅 VXG Token — P2E Campaign

📅 New Game — FPS

📅 Daily Stream — Twitch

📅 Cross-chain platform


We believe all sectors within web3 should look to the security side and tackle many issues as possible, from minor to critical. Losing customers because the ecosystem is not strong enough looks wrong in all aspects, and it falls into the same issue mentioned before, the good enough standard. VXG aims to be an ecosystem that is secure, transparent, reliable, verified, and sustainable should be the ultimate goal of any project.

Create, implement, compete, earn and have fun!

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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.