🎮How to increase your winnings with VXG token?🎮

From our experience, you can do the same action multiple times, but when it is time to go live, jittering is always present during the deployment phase.

The thrilling moment of deploying the VXG token has come, and we are proud of this achievement because it displays the effort, magic, and uniqueness of our native token. With VXG, all the participants in the ecosystem can benefit from earning higher rewards, paying fewer fees to the protocol, voting in VXG DAO Proposals, access to early-bird features, and delegating their voting power to other members within VXG. There are other benefits the token will bring, but they will remain closed in a box for now.

$VXG will be the reward for the P2E campaigns Venture X Gaming is running. To help the ecosystem grow, we are looking to onboard VXG Ambassadors to support the project awareness.

🎮VXG Token

We have a challenge, ask yourself what benefits the holder has when holding an asset. If you found zero benefits, then it might be a useless token. With VXG, we intend to provide a positive expected value because holding VXG gives higher rewards to all the participants and increases their returns.

We have six Rankings with different benefits, and to boost the user rewards, the number of tokens an account has matters because it dictates the user Ranking.

VXG Token Details:

Contract → 0x3cF16ebF6cB2bc0A301cD9fD40e02f46099a50d6
Decimals→ 18
Ticker → VXG
Network → Polygon (Mumbai)

Furthermore, we will open a marketplace where VXG is a method to acquire digital assets in our ecosystem.

For now there is a total number of 100,000 VXG. However, the total supply is 1,000,000,000 VXG.

🏆VXG Ambassadors

Do you have a community that you stream or help in web3? Are you a content creator or educate users about web3?

Then we have a role that might suit you and provide valuable rewards.

It can be an individual, a gaming guild, or a community that shares the VXG core values, promotes the platform activities, and is the eyes and ears of VXG within their communities.

The core members of VXG will select the appropriate Ambassadors to represent Venture X Gaming.

The goal of a VXG Ambassador is:

✔️ Engage with communities
✔️ Conduct feedback checks with the communities
✔️️ Provide referrals codes to communities/players
✔️️ Report emergencies or critical issues
✔️️ Bring members to join the VXG platform
✔️️ Help players have a great experience

Apply here → 📝 VXG Ambassador Form 📝

🔍The VXG P2E Campaign

Finally, we disclose how the campaign will work.

It’s simple, you play and earn, for now😝

This type of campaign is unique because there are no buy-ins, designed for the early adopters /supporters, giving a priceless opportunity to get hands-on VXG increasing the user Ranking for free before the mainnet launch. Our first VXG P2E campaign ends when we reach 30,000 VXG distribution, and another will follow.

Users must have a Lichess account, web3 wallet, play through VXG and not cheat. The addresses with maneuvers and tactics to acquire VXG without fairness enter a blacklist for incorrect behavior.

We will reach out to the user in question via Discord to explain the match history.
Yes, users can multi-table and play more than one match at a time against other players, not against other personal accounts.

The VXG tokens you get in the Mumbai testnet are 1:1 ratio in polygon mainnet. At that stage, users can burn their testnet tokens to receive the mainnet VXG.

The prize distribution (VXG) occurs every time a chess match ends.

📍Website: https://app.vxgaming.org

⏰ Start: Thursday, 1st of September, 2022

🔚 End: 30,000 VXG

💸 Reward: 1–10 VXG per match

📢 Help: Discord — Contact our support

📌Requirements: Lichess Account, Web3 Wallet, VXG Account

🛑 Cheating = Blacklist


The goal of the P2E campaign is for users to perceive the value in the ecosystem VXG is creating with the framework update. Our framework is pioneering the introduction of Gaming Pools with a sustainable economy for anyone, from players to content creators and Game Developers.

The P2E campaign represents part of our support to anyone who wants to contribute to the growth of VXG.

Create, implement, compete, earn and have fun!

Thank you All,


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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.