Decentralization and Technical routes for Roadmaps

One of the issues we faced building the VXG Roadmap was the route to decentralization. Rather than build a multiple layer product in one go, spend months to deliver value and release a working product, we took an iterative approach to this project. VXG has two roadmaps, DAO Roadmap and Tech Roadmap.
The VXG Tech Roadmap has seven phases. Each one of them unlocks a feature that brings more value to the VXG Players and Users. Let’s dive into them.

V1 — Big Bang

VXG starts with the Big Bang, designing and building all the backbone mechanisms to help further developments. At this stage, players can benefit from Play-to-Earn and the Playing time rewards to increase their Ranking and shape their future bonus rewards (NFTs, Tournament Tickets, Betting Tickets, Player Analysis Tool) in later phases.

V2 — Dark Age

The Dark Age phase brings more games into the VXG ecosystem and a Mobile App (Android & iOS).
Our first batch of Games, released on Big Bang, is small compared to what can be delivered. The second batch of games involves a decision by the community to select half of the games to be released.
As VXG expands, we want to be accessible through all types of devices and enable play-to-earn to anyone.

V3 — Matter-Dominated

To grow the VXG ecosystem, we wanted to convert rewards into buyable or sellable items. Those items can customize the VXG user profile, generate bonus rewards and maintain or increase their Ranking.
Open a marketplace will enable auctions of in-game items, VXG items, NFTs, Skins, Digital Art, Tickets, etc. Also, it lets VXG Artists list their Art to earn two rewards.

V4 — Accelerated Expansion

VXG Software
The VXG software puts all the pieces of the puzzle in one spot, a VXG suite. Also, it sets the foundation for the backbone structure of the Player Analysis Tool, which creates opportunities for Players, Betting Players, Coaches and Player Staking.

V5 — Stone Age

Players who want to elevate their gaming skills have now a chance to subscribe to the Player Analysis Tool. The PAT offers a new way to look at opponent strategy, bankroll management, risk management, game analysis and guidance.
Furthermore, an anti-cheat bot is under our plans. VXG wants to increase the safety of the players that are investing in their selves. Adding an anti-cheat bot is a proper way to remove exploits that affect players.

V6 — Bronze Age

To complete one of the last stages of the VXG Roadmap, we want to introduce the World Series of Gaming (WSOG). These online events bring huge guaranteed prize pools in different games, where players can earn substantially more than the daily tournaments, gaming pools or Sit-n-Go. The Bronze Age also brings Live Events, scaling the WSOG to Live Play and different countries.

V7 — Iron Age

Last stage of the VXG Roadmap and maybe where we meet daily with the VXG community. Can you guess?
Think about a space in multiple countries where Gamers can meet, have a drink or a meal, play against other VXG players, use their NFT card or credentials to access this space, and all the VXG online features are available in real life… Food for thought!

Our Roadmap is extensive, but all we want is to deliver and bring value to the Community. Although changes might occur, we know where we want to go :)

Thank you All,




The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.