🎮Create gaming pools to earn stable coins🎮

Venture X Gaming is more than a platform. It is a unified ecosystem for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players who can make a life-changing impact benefiting all the participants through their skills by rewarding them with stablecoins.

The beauty of our ecosystem is anyone can create gaming pools, implement games and play matches to earn stable rewards rather than useless prizes.

With Gaming Pools, players compete, and the creator gets a percentage of the fees.

🏟️What is a Gaming Pool?

A Gaming Pool is a game mode that groups users looking for an instant match.
Each Gaming Pool is unique, meaning Players of one pool do not face players of other Pools (Players in a Lichess Pool of USDC 1.00 do not play players of the USDC 2.00 Lichess Gaming Pool, and so on).

💻How to earn stablecoins creating gaming pools?

Simple as it sounds.

You will have an option on our platform to create a Gaming Pool, and the whole process starts.

The creator selects the game to be played, private or public gaming pool, and the magic happens. Now it is time to onboard your viewers, followers, community, and friends or to start publishing your Gaming Pool to bring players into it.

And to complement the creation of Gaming Pools, we now have referral codes for everyone.

If you believe our platform is good enough to share, you can earn stablecoins from your referral code.

Go to your profile on our web app, where you can find your code.

The recent development updates answer some of the feedback collected. With sound notifications, we offer a better user experience and alerts. The VXG discord verification gives another layer of security to our players by matching the user account with their Discord.

These development efforts are the foundations of our motto to become a simple and easy-to-navigate platform.

🌐 Conclusion

As we continue to prepare for the mainnet launch, there are still a couple of things to integrate before we can announce the final date but be rest assured some exclusive plus valuable features and campaigns are in place for this month.

You don’t want to miss them.

Create, implement, compete, earn and have fun!

Thank you All,


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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.