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Maturing an industry or ecosystem takes time and effort to bring the most out of it. We are witnessing a shift in the Gaming space from traditional web2 games into web3 and a continuous growth of Daily Active Users.

With that in mind, the ecosystem also has to become secure and reliable because after so many incidents users lose trust and go back to traditional web2.

Steam is an example of safety standards and what users should have at their disposal in web3. With VXG, the web3 gamefi environment meets that level of security with other ingredients on top. A platform that helps game developers to publish games into a sustainable revenue framework. Leverages the interaction of content creators with their audience to increase revenue, and players monetize their skills in verified, audited, and secure games.

We believe in growing the protocol with valuable contributions from users, community members, or anyone who wants to discover a free Play-to-Earn platform that rewards everyone fairly. At this stage, we are giving out VXG tokens, and the users gain access to VXG DAO to boost rewards.

It is a simple airdrop, play matches in our app and earn VXG tokens! The airdrop ends when we distribute 30,000 VXG.

📣Venture X Gaming — Airdrop Testnet

💵Reward: VXG

🕰️Duration: 30,000 VXG to airdrop in our testnet.

How to earn VXG?

• Play games in 🎮 VXG App:

• Win at least 1 match

Contract → 0x3cF16ebF6cB2bc0A301cD9fD40e02f46099a50d6
Decimals→ 18
Ticker → VXG
Network → Polygon (Mumbai)

Before the mainnet launch, one of our focuses is to grow a strong community of players in different games and continents.

We want to introduce the democratization of Gamefi and simplify how P2E players earn consistently. Think about Liquidity Pools where users compete in games to win liquidity.

The VXG Gaming Pools are similar to Uniswap Liquidity Pools. In this sense, users deposit liquidity into pools and compete against other players to win their liquidity and match fees.
Our platform allows users exactly to do that with Gaming Pools. They are the solid foundation to grow the protocol into the next steps.

The tide is down, but a new wave of P2E is about to come.

Publish, earn, compete, and have fun!

Thank you All,


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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.