The Democratization of Esports in Polygon network

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3 min readOct 10, 2022


When it comes to competition in gaming through unique and decentralized platforms, we are still in the early days for players, content creators, and game developers to benefit from their time spent playing, streaming, or developing games in a democratic system.

Decentralized Esports

In sum, the democratization of Esports.

It’s a step toward a revolutionary ecosystem and a solution to the current esports platforms where the users have a lot of friction starting monetizing their skills.

If players wish to start competing, they should have a way to climb the esports ladder via freeroll competitions, tailored buy-ins, or detailed balance history with top-notch security in the ecosystem.

There is a question everyone wants to know the answer to.

How to bridge web2 users to web3?

Something priceless is missing, starting from the inside, making the ecosystem easy for any user to use, no matter their experience with web2 or web3.

Avoid overwhelming users with web3 jargon that is confusing and creates friction to onboard users. If the platform is easy to navigate, it’s easy to explain. Make the best out of safe and open-source plugins that innovate the interaction, and users have a uniquely immersive experience while having fun competing in any game.

🌐 VXG Vision

Be the essential layer and tool for players from web2 or web3 who want to compete in a safe, easy, and fun online gaming platform. With that in mind, we are developing a pioneering platform aiming for esports democratization.

We are building in public so anyone can interact with the platform by playing games, having fun, and earning USDC + VXG to become a DAO member.

It’s simple to play and become part of the DAO. How?

Head to our app, create a VXG account, and play games like chess.

If you have unseen this kind of login, we got you covered with a detailed tutorial.

However, we are looking for other simple and safe login methods like Sequence wallet.

After the login, go to your profile settings to select your profile picture, change your username, connect your game account, mute/unmute sound effects, copy the referral link, and verify your VXG account through Discord.

The verification we do is to allow players to compete with users that have proved to be on Discord and want to narrow the field of competitors.

If your friends are already playing there, send them a friend request because you will be able to challenge them in the future. Furthermore, we know how important keeping track of your balance history is for valuable decisions based on data, so players have a simple view of each session ROI.

For now, players can have a sneak peek of the public alpha receiving free USDC + VXG during this month playing skill games. We are building a democratic layer for a better Esports ecosystem creating value for each participant, from Developers, Content Creators to Players, by providing a free source of revenue.

Compete, earn, refer, and have fun!


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