The Dark Side of Traditional Esports

Given the current number of Esports athletes, the industry is growing to new levels and not giving signals to stop. The number of players participating in gaming competitions such as Chess, CS:GO, DOTA 2, Call of Duty, or League of Legends has become enormous.


Sponsors, Media, Investors, and Publishers contribute to serious prize money, and more viewers are tuning into main events. With all the media time, more gamers are shifting to competition modes and turning pro to start a career. However, it’s wise to understand the pitfalls of moving into a full-time pro because it isn’t as easy as one may think to join traditional Esports.

Turning a professional gamer is a dream, but everyone must know there is a dark side to traditional Esports before considering the commitment required to pursue a career.

Traditional Esports have enormous disadvantages to anyone starting their career as a pro player, looking for competitions, or getting a reward for their time competing.

Young gamers leaning towards that huge career move must belong to a team to join competitions and have a return from their expertise. Usually, those spots in competitive teams are hand-picked and rarely open to the general public.

Teams must have financial backers to join competitions and play for prize pools which then are shared as agreed with the sponsors or investors. A common way gamers compound their gaming skills is by having a stream channel to show their talent, grow a user base and get revenue. If gamers put in consistent and quality content, there is a chance it will work and consequently gather media attention to join an Esports team or clan.

The lack of new opportunities is one of the factors for the non-exponential rise of new talent and more inclusive competition. These roadblocks are just for gamers that are shifting to full-time pros or already pros who have issues maintaining their positions for various reasons such as poor salary, results, mindset, healthy nutrition, or even cheating.

How can Esports be inclusive and accessible to anyone, anywhere?

We at VXG believe, as cliché it may sound, in democratic and decentralized Esports. Neither gamers starting their pro career nor already made pros should face these issues. That is one of the reasons we are building Venture X Gaming.

Democratization and decentralization are part of our ethos. Everyone involved and competing gets a percentage of protocol fees based on our revenue-shared model with a DAO ranking system.

The VXG protocol distributes part of the fees gathered to every participant keeping a certain percentage in the DAO, giving financial support to the protocol contributors and community treasury.
Comparing the VXG model to traditional Esports, there are huge differences. It starts with not having sponsors/investors providing the prize pools and letting gamers decide what stakes they want to compete in according to their risk tolerance, and even with a loss in a match, receive their part of the fees with the VXG revenue shared model. Also, Gamers can play independently, remain anonymous, schedule their gaming sessions and start a career without roadblocks like in traditional Esports.

To sum up, we believe the Esports space has the potential to scale to be more than just players competing in games and receiving rewards. Esports evolved so much that it’s now a space with Game Developers, Content Creators, and Gamers. With that in mind, the decentralization of Esports is achievable by creating a democratic shared revenue model for all of the participants that drive the protocol forward.

For us, traditional Esports has to be democratized and decentralized so everyone can earn from the value given to the ecosystem.

Compete, earn, refer, and have fun!


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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.