Everything you need to know about VXG Points Airdrop Season I

4 min readJan 3, 2024

Every industry is undergoing a shift in reward systems, and at the edge of this evolution are Points and Airdrops as engagement rewards, and incentives. It’s interesting to see the rising prominence of Points Airdrop within the gaming landscape, unraveling their unique role and impact.

Traditional models have long been the stalwarts of the gaming world, offering rewards based on achievements and milestones. However, as we scrutinize their mechanisms, limitations, and challenges become apparent — delayed rewards, lack of flexibility, and limited user engagement. Points Airdrop addresses the challenges and provides a more dynamic and responsive alternative.

Understanding VXG Points Airdrop

Before the launch, we are explaining what type of points airdrop will be used in our season 1 where users leverage stablecoins to earn both USDC and an additional VXG. This intricate dance of dual rewards adds a layer of optimization, creating a dynamic ecosystem with USDC and VXG rewards.

Beyond the traditional distributions, VXG adds a ranking system within its Points, enhancing the user experience and adding an element of healthy competition. Players compete for USDC rewards but also secure their positions within the USDC and VXG rankings, creating an inclusive gaming experience.

What are Points?

VXG points are your gateway to being a part of VXG’s future success. This program is crafted to add a delightful and rewarding touch to your experience.

How do I get VXG Points?

Earning VXG points is a breeze — just follow the fun:

  1. Head to our web app 👀
  2. Dive into competitions using USDC 🪂
  3. Create competitions with buy-ins ➕
  4. Grab your Referral Code from the profile settings ⚙️
  5. Invite friends to VXG and also earn up to 5 USDC 🗣 📱️
  6. Check your leaderboard position 🎖️
  7. Keep racking up points by using VXG 🔁

Points you earn will be airdropped to you instantly.

How will I play?

Open our web app. Click the play button and follow the flow on the app until you’re in search of a competitor.

Guides on playing instant matches and tournaments are available.

How do I create?

Request access to our Creator Dashboard via form, twitter, discord, email, etc. You will get paid USDC to create.

Guides on creating tournaments are available.

VXG Points Balance

Your engagement matters! VXG cashback is based on the points balance you hold.

What are the benefits?

It’s simple: more points mean higher cashback when you use VXG.
Earn points for your routine actions in VXG, and points are your ticket to exciting features! Stay tuned as VXG Points are just getting started — we have plenty of thrilling plans in the pipeline.

What chains are eligible to earn points on?

VXG as a platform is chain agnostic.

How do I check my Points?

Keep an eye on your points easily in the web app or your wallet. We’ll also ping you when you snag new points or during special events.

Is there a leaderboard?

Absolutely! Check out our leaderboards to see how you stack up against other VXG users. It’s all in good spirits — a friendly competition!

Are Points onchain?

Yes, indeed. VXG keeps tabs on points and distributes them onchain.

When live?

Jan 2024. Follow us on X/Twitter to know the official date.

Why we want to engage in seasons?

Points go beyond being a reward mechanism — they become a tool for superior engagement and building vibrant gaming communities. By creating a system where rewards are not just earned but celebrated collectively, Points become a cornerstone of community building within the world. Each season brings a fresh wave of opportunities, incentivizing users to actively participate and accumulate points, fostering a thriving community of enthusiasts, creators, competitors, and collectors.

  • Campaigns
  • Flexibility & Adaptability
  • Points for Players, Communities & Partners
  • Instantaneous Rewards
  • Enhance User Experience
  • Impact on User Engagement
  • Community Building
  • Product Vibe

By dissecting real-world examples, we uncover the tangible benefits and measurable success stories that mark the superiority of Airdrop Points in the modern gaming landscape.

Season End

We explore the emerging trends in reward systems, with a particular focus on how VXG anticipates and embraces these trends to stay at the forefront of innovation within the gaming industry.

The future is dynamic, and VXG is at the vanguard of anticipating the needs and desires of the gaming community. From enhanced reward structures to integrating emerging technologies, we delve into the potential developments and innovations that will shape the future of VXG’s reward ecosystem.

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