Esports players have shorter careers than NFL? Not anymore!

3 min readDec 13, 2023

Traditional sports careers often have short lifespans but esports are in a different realm. While in other sports like the NBA’s player start age is 19, and even the demanding NFL sees retirements between 26 and 27, esports athletes typically retire much earlier, with an average age of 22 in the Call of Duty League and 20 in the Overwatch League. However, we are at the forefront of a shift that challenges this norm, presenting esports as a career path with extended opportunities.

We are paving the way for a future where competitive gaming offers longevity, financial rewards, and unparalleled accessibility. Make online esports extremely easy to access with fully automated competitions and instant payouts.


S1mple a counter-strike pro player celebrating real money esports.

Real-money gaming into the esports landscape has been a game-changer. Higher prize pools, democratized access, and the ability to earn an income create a revolutionary environment. Our platform embraces this change, offering players plus content creators, brands, developers, and guilds the ability to monetize their passion by competing and organizing competitions within a few clicks. Now, any player can compete for real money at any time, breaking down barriers and opening doors for aspiring esports enthusiasts globally.

In the spirit of innovation, we emphasize the role of tools to automate and technology in elevating esports. Just as professional athletes leverage cutting-edge equipment and training methods, esports competitors can benefit from unparalleled competitions for uninterrupted sessions that enhance the overall gaming experience but also allow for continuous improvement and adaptation.

Wind of Change!

The sentiment surrounding competitive gaming is one of transformation and empowerment. Change is on the horizon with automated competitions featuring instant payouts, providing a sustainable income stream for players. Creators are no longer just players, they are entrepreneurs paid to organize and host competitions, fostering a community-driven ecosystem.

We will introduce point airdrops seasons, on chain points, trading rankings, we’re not just launching a platform; we’re unveiling a dynamic experience that evolves with the needs and preferences of gamers, brands, creators and our community.

VXG Points will be on chain and tradeable by anyone! Farming season has started and has a new concept!

VXG signifies a paradigm shift where any player, regardless of age or background, can compete on a level playing field, with real money at stake. This inclusive approach broadens the talent pool and redefines the esports narrative. Our next articles explain VXG Points, platform mechanics, benefits and official launch date.

Stay tuned, embrace the change, and let the games begin.

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