Esports has an interface to automate online competitions

Have you ever dreamed of a world where everyone can play any game in a competitive mode and make a living by winning matches against other players?

Yap, that’s the goal we have set! The future we want for Esports is bright, inclusive, and extensive so that any game can be played in a comp mode daily, from casual players and semi-pro to pros.

The VXG platform has a differentiator and valuable feature to the Gaming ecosystem. Games, Providers, Launchers, or Studios can use an open interface to connect their services extending the reach of their games by automating competitions and communicating the match results to VXG, that then distributes stable coin rewards. For the MVP, we built a Developer Dashboard to extend the reach of competition in games and providers to Guilds plus Players and vice-versa. A robust and powerful interface that helps Games leverage competitions by automating rewards and matchmaking. Players win money in games without worrying about submitting any match proof to receive the monetary prizes.

VXG Esports Developer Dashboard

We believe any gaming enthusiast, pro or not, should be able to compete in Esports individually or with backers, on an online platform that is a connection to all the games and has automated rewards. With that said, the VXG Developer Dashboard is a valuable interface for games, which could be web2 or web3 (blockchain), that want to add an automated competition layer into the game.

The process of integrating games or providers is simple, and to support the initiative, we created a Developer section in our documents that will guide anyone to have a fast and easy integration.

How to start the integration and automate Esports competitions?

First things first, we need a connection to the game. The Provider is responsible for linking an account with VXG, it provides the player’s id. For a standalone game, you will need to implement it, but if you use a popular provider, you may choose from those already implemented by VXG, such as Steam.

Create a new provider to get the ball rolling by clicking on the “CREATE NEW PROVIDER” button.

Next step is to configure a Provider by changing the name of your service and type the URL that will redirect users to your platform authentication (game/provider). Follow our documents to help and facilitate the process.

When the game provider integration is complete it will be available for users to connect as below (Steam & Lichess).

How can Games automate their Esports competitions?

Easy! If the provider is set as above then let’s start the automation.

The Game it is responsible for creating matches between players, as VXG requests and the game feeds information about a winner or winners back to the VXG. An example is Lichess or CS:GO.

Create or manage a game by enter the edit mode. The next step is to set the game name, description, provider, picture and edit the gaming pools.

Now, create your events for gamers to compete that will be live 24/7 in different buy-ins. Players will have access to instant matches to start competing for prizes.

Edit the name of the event that will be displayed to users, a short name, an internal name, the team size, and icon. Voilá your game is now added and as soon as players start competing in your events, revenue will start growing.

The future of Esports is competing anywhere in any game

In a world where open source technology has a positive impact in building robust ecosystems, we believe Esports is still lacking in terms of accessibility. To increase the exposure of esports and make it more accessible to a wider range of people, it may be necessary to take steps to lower the barriers to entry. This could include providing more affordable buy-ins, making it easier for new players to learn and master the games, and providing more opportunities for players of all skill levels to compete.

Also, there are several reasons why games may need a public esports layer on top of them in order to generate revenue from competitions. One reason is that hosting esports competitions can help to promote the game and increase its popularity. This can attract more players to the game, which can in turn generate more revenue for the game’s developers and publishers through sales of the game and in-game items.

Another reason is that hosting esports competitions can create additional revenue streams for the game. For example, tournaments and leagues can generate revenue through sponsorships, advertising, and ticket sales. Additionally, many games offer in-game items or other virtual goods that can be purchased with real money, and hosting esports competitions can drive more players to purchase these items.

Overall, having a public esports layer on top of a game can help to increase its popularity and generate additional revenue, which can support the ongoing development and growth of the game.

There are several reasons why Esports need a platform like VXG to support and grow the competitive gaming industry. One reason is that a platform like VXG can provide a trustless hub for Esports competitions and events. This can make it easier for players to find and participate in tournaments and leagues, and can also help to promote and showcase the best players and teams in the industry.

Additionally, a platform like VXG can provide a variety of features and tools to support the growth of the Esports industry. For example, it could offer matchmaking services to help players find opponents of similar skill levels, and could also offer tools to help players and teams manage and track their performance.

Overall, a platform like VXG can provide a valuable support system for the Esports industry, helping to promote and grow the competitive gaming scene and ensure that it is fair and competitive.

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