Venture X Gaming 🎮The P2E campaign and what is VXG building?

Hey, ladies and gents!

We concluded another P2E campaign successfully with additional findings.

Let’s talk about that. A few addresses tried to manipulate the leaderboard by playing three-move chess matches, which is not the objective of the game or campaign.

Fortunately, VXG is prepared for anti-cheating situations and looks to protect its players by analyzing the matches played on the platform.

No drama here — we’re just glad we caught it before anyone got hurt.

Our P2E campaigns will continue to run before the mainnet launch.

Meanwhile, we continue to build a valuable and priceless platform for anyone who wants to earn from their skills, but if you’re a game developer, content creator, or have a gaming guild, be rest assured we support you too.

Venture X Gaming is an essential one-stop shop in the P2E space.

The foundation of VXG is secure, transparent, censorship-resistant, and trustless. Our base layer focus on guaranteeing that match results, rewards, and transactions are public to anyone, processed automatically, and cannot be manipulated.

The second layer focuses on game developers, content creators, and players. Game devs can put all their effort into designing the game they have in mind and don’t have to focus on liquidity because VXG automates and manages the process automatically. Build fun games and let VXG deal with the liquidity issues we have seen in the P2E industry.

Regarding content creators, we haven’t forgotten about you. We know most streaming platforms and payment providers take a significant fee from user donations. So, to counter that mechanism, we will allow content creators to make Private Gaming Pools for their community. Yes, you will be able to select the game you want to play with them, the buy-in, the fee you will collect for each match, and not less important, the community donations have no cut.

What players want in any game is to win rewards and have fun. The problem starts when they win prizes, but they are useless. That’s where VXG steps in and solves the liquidity issues mentioned above. We guarantee the winner and loser always get the reward they were expecting, a valuable reward.

Finally, the third layer is about the permissionless of VXG.

We have no blocks for anyone who wants to create games, play in VXG or bring their community to play with them.

🌐 Conclusion

The number of projects built in web3 is growing on a monthly basis. We want to contribute to the growth and all the community involved in gaming by opening doors to our platform and allowing builders to build.

Expect fun and rewards!

Thank you All,


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The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.

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Venture X Gaming

The unique gaming monetization layer in web3 for Game Developers, Content Creators, and Players.